Book Shop Accounting Software- BUSY

Busy Accounting Software allows books shop to use GST filing, inventory management, barcode management, configurable balance sheet, import purchase, E-way bill, E-invoicing, Auto- bank reconciliation.

Book Shop Accounting software is a fully featured POS point of sale software designed for book shop. It provides end-to-end solutions designed. It offers Loyalty manaegment & record management,Barcoding,digital Signature at one place. It makes your sales and purchage optimizations easy and quick. It also creates discount and offers for frequent buyers. It can also track purchage order generation, inventory data update, and custom-discounts. You can also track the prvious purchage history. It really helps you to make the best decision for your small and medium sized business.

Features of BUSY which helps in Book Shops

  • Barcode Management
  • Purchage Management
  • Inventory Management
  • E-way bill
  • Loyality Management
  • E-invocing
  • Enable POS in Series
  • Enable Item-Wise Discount in Series
  • Enable Auto Round Off Final Amount in Series
  • Pricing Mode (Treat MRP As Sale Price)
  • Credit Limits
  • Enable Bank Reconciliation
Book Shop Accounting Software

Accounting Software for book shop can manage entire processes and operations including sale, purchases, inventory, billing, accounting, and reporting etc. effortlessly with this solution. It is user-friendly interface and is easy to deploy. The solution is available as single as well as multi -user versions. The software equips the businesses with customizable reports to generate analytical data that helps in effective decision making.

Benefits of Accounting Software

  • Ideal Solution to business complexity
  • Optimize store operations and provides the intelligence
  • Product Management
  • Handful to high-end features
  • Inbuilt Features
  • Fast track order fulfilment features

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