Barcode Billing Software For Restaurant

Busy software provides special add-on for restaurants only which includes tables, filter value for party and items, multiple voucher series, create attendant and their different formats of invoices.

A quick, efficient, and user-friendly barcoding system, is exactly what your restaurant needs. From your online payments to inventory, everything works in-sync with BUSY Accounting Software. Restaurant use it to do many of the same things. This software can also help track inventory, create invoices, calculate sales tax, price recipes and menus, and integrate with barcode billing systems.

Over 53% of restaurant owners reported that high operating and food costs are some of the biggest challenges they face in running restaurants. Using busy barcode billing software can help owners and managers know where their money is going and identify potential savings. The software can also keep track of inventory and profits and properly calculate sales tax to avoid fines.

Features of BUSY which helps in Restaurant

  • Accounts Receivable and automated accounts payable
  • Billing and Payment Collection
  • Income and Expense Tracking
  • Enhanced Reports
  • Manage Bills and employees
  • Enable POS in Series
  • Enable Item-Wise Discount in Series
  • Enable Auto Round Off Final Amount in Series
  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • Basic Accounting Data
  • Up-to-date financial reports
  • Real-time cash management
  • Expense Claim Management
  • Full suite of insights and financial reports
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BUSY barcode billing Software can manage entire processes and operations including sale, purchases, inventory, billing, accounting, and reporting etc. effortlessly with this solution. It is user-friendly interface and is easy to deploy. The solution is available as single as well as multi -user versions. The software equips the businesses with customizable reports to generate analytical data that helps in effective decision making.

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