Accounting Software For Stationery Shop

Accounting software for stationery shop needed a strong inventory management module that could handle all their inventory related needs which included maintaning item initial levels, vendor wise stock and so on. It also needs to issue bills that already stores the item amount and the GST amount.

Busy Accounting software understands each and every requirement and offers simple and easy to use and effective solutions for all their needs. Busy software is one such choice that you can make and do accounting easily. It makes your inventory management taxation handling. pricing structures and all other operations relatively easy, with its incomplicated approach towards providing reliable solutions to its users.

Features of Accounting Software which helps in Stationery Shops

  • Inventory Management
  • Order management
  • Multiple price structure
  • Allow Sales Return in Sales Voucher
  • Challan system processing
  • Gst reconciliation
  • Enable Item-Wise Discount in Series
  • Enable Auto Round Off Final Amount in Series
  • Pricing Mode (Treat MRP As Sale Price)
  • Credit Limits
  • Enable Bank Reconciliation
stationery shop


  • It is able to set items critical level, which included the setting of minimum, maximum & re-order level.
  • A users can easily different prices for each unit of item.
  • GST solutions are very straightforward uncomplicated and provide effortless working to its users.

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