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Busy Business Accounting Software in India

Busy Accounting Software is a best Billing software in India. You can download Billing Software easily and get the trial to know the benefits of Busy Accounting Software. We give Free Busy Download option which makes your work easy. GST Accounting software helps business and enterprise in Billing Software, Accounting and Inventory Management with advanced MIS reports, GST return filling and compliance. Busy software is an integrated business accounting software specially designed for micro, small and medium businesses in order to help them to manage their business in a simple way and to get higher profits.

Choosing right Business accounting software for your business requires a thorough understanding your business. Manages your complete business with Busy Accounting Software. Billing software manage your business GST billing, Receivables and Payable, Delivery Challan, Sale order & Purchase Order, cash flow management, Payment Receipt, Credit note & Debit note, production, manufacturing, Multi Company, Multi Currency, Multi –Location Customer Management, Document Management, Checks & Controls, Task Management, TDS/TCS Management, Detailed Documentation, GST Invoicing, Sales Transactions, Bank Reconciliation, Multi Branch, Accounting, GST Registration, GSTIN Validation, Return Filing, Security, User Interface & Reporting, Simplified Interface, Insightful Business Reports, Accounting & Invoicing, GST / Taxation And Many More…

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Accounting Software:-Features

  • Fianancial Accounting
  • Multi Location Inventory
  • MIS Analysis & Reports
  • GST Reports (Returns,Registers And e-returns)
  • User Configurable Invoice Printing
  • User Configurable Documents/Labels/Letters Printing
business accounting software

All Features of Standard Edition

  • Sale /Purchase Quotation
  • Sale /Purchase Order Processing
  • sale /Purchage Challan System
  • POS Billing For Retail Counters
  • Scheme Management
  • Bill of Material & production
  • Date-wise Pricing
  • Voucher Auditing
  • Automatic E-Way Bill Generation
  • Validate GSTIN Online
  • Busy Mobile App
  • Serial No. Wise Stock Tracking
  • MRP-wise Stock Tracking
  • parameter-Wise Stock Tracking (Size,Color etc.)
  • Configurable Balance Sheet/ Profit & Loss A/c
  • Job Work
  • GST eReturns in Json Format
  • Reconciliation of GSTR2A & GSTR-2B
  • BDEP (Busy Data Exchange Platform)
Business accounting software

All Features of Enterprise Edition

  • Payroll
  • Voucher / Master Approval
  • Branch-wise Rate of Tax & Prices for items
  • Message Center
  • User Activity log
  • Enquiry & Support Management
  • Master Series Groups
  • Automatic Data merging Form Branches to Head office
Business accounting software
  • Enable POS Billing
  • POS Billing For Retail Counters
  • Validate GSTIN Online
  • MRP-wise Stock Tracking
  • parameter-Wise Stock Tracking (Size,Color etc.)
  • Serial No. Wise Stock Tracking
  • User Configurable Documents/Labels/Letters Printing
  • Configurable barcode printing
business accounting software

Accounting Software:Pricing

Busy business Accounting Software & Billing Software available in three edition and its pricing is different kind of software.

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Appropriate Business

Busy Accounting Software Suits for all type of businesses. It helps business and enterprise in many ways with advance features. A user friendly software for every businesses which is reliable and very easy to use.


Busy helps in wholesale distribution, it makes distribution process easy and reliable.

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Retail With Bar Code

Busy is the complete POS software for small and medium businesses and it manages them efficiently.

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Busy production addon helps enterprises to simplify their manufacturing process.

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Super Market

Busy helps you to grow your retail their business and also streamline your inventory.

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Busy is a robust solutions which is designed to streamline operations like generating reports and invoices.

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Busy makes it easier to keep a close eye and helps you to manage business finance.

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Busy makes inventory management, taxation, pricing structure and all other operations relatively easy.

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Busy provides a complete view on financial performance and cash flow analysis.

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Garments Shop

Busy helps in stock/inventory management on the basis of type, size, category, style.

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Optical Shop

Busy helps you to track your sales and revenue and to manage your optical shop professionaly.

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Footwear Shop

Busy helps you to manage stock handling, accounting, supplier and, customer details.

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Book Shop

This software helps vendors and bookseller to ensure high profitability accounting.

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Furniture Store

It helps your furniture store business from point of sale terminals to the accounting.

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Paint Shop

It committes to provide the best supporting system for the hardware and paint store.

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Auto Mobile

Busy's management solutions are designed to boost your automobile business such as auto part dealers, auto body shops etc.

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Building Material

This software is ideal for businesses in construction and building helps them to exercise a strong control on the planned lost and materials.

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Busy Accounting Software FAQs

Read some major frequently asked questions by Busy users:

What is Busy Software?

BUSY is a business accounting software used by Micro, Small and Medium businesses worldwide.BUSY Accounting Software with Inventory, Billing, VAT, Excise, Service Tax & TDS.

What is the use of busy software?

BUSY helps small business manage not just their accounts but also their business processes and operational controls. FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, and Service. It is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses.

Is Busy or Tally Better?

Busy Provides a many features and many reports like Import vouchers and masters From Ms EXcel, Multicurrency, Automatic Backup Facility,Data Freezing, profitability Reports,Sale Purchage analysis,Interest Calculate after Reconciliation , It is much better than tally with both option Uncleared, Cleared & All Entries

How to draft a new financial year?

Go to Administration => Change Financial Year => New Year from XX-XX-XXXX

How to create a different company for the new financial year along with all masters & balances?

  • Create new financial year first
  • Close the company and Go to the backup option
  • Take the backup of current year only
  • Then, Go to “Restore” option
  • Define the path where backup files has been stored and restore the data
  • Select “no” option when asking to overwrite the company.

How can I transfer my profit to a Capital account?

Pass the following Journal entries:

Profit & loss account Dr. (Predefined master)

To Partner/ Proprietor Account (under group Capital account)

To Partner 2 (If any) (under group Capital account)

After transferring the profit, “Profit & Loss adjusted” is showing on the asset side of my Balance Sheet. How to balance both sides?

When we transfer the profit into the capital account, “Profit & Loss adjusted” starts showing on the asset side of the Balance Sheet. By default, BUSY always shows the profit & Loss Account in the Balance Sheet. When we pass the transfer voucher, it mismatches the balance of Asset & Liability. To match the Balance of Both sides, “Profit & Loss Adjusted” starts showing on the other side of the Balance Sheet. It is just to tally the assets & liabilities of the balance sheet & will not show in printing.

My closing balances are not properly carried over to the new financial year. How to rectify it?

  1. Go to Previous year Run
  2. Rewrite Books
  3. Switch to the new financial year and again carry over the balances.

What are the steps to define the value of my stock manually?

  1. Go to Display > Balance Sheet and click on it.
  2. Disable the option “Update Balance Sheet Stock” and generate the report.
  3. Find the stock account in current assets and press enter on it.
  4. Give the value of stock as per your valuation and save it.